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Deprived students chose smartphones over food, researchers find – CNET

Alina Bradford/CNET Researchers at the University of Buffalo found that students preferred food dep..


Blood pressure medication recall: What you need to know

The Food and Drug Administration just announced a recall of Valsartan, a potentially life-saving blo..


Baby boy rescued after 35 hours trapped in rubble of collapsed building

Rescuers have pulled an infant boy alive from the rubble of an apartment building, some 35 hours aft..


Not enough evidence for energy drink ban

Experts advising the government have said there is not enough scientific evidence to warrant a ban o..


Most adults living unhealthy lifestyles

The overwhelming majority of adults in England are so unhealthy they put their lives at risk, a surv..


‘Tomfoolery gone wrong’: Army captain guilty of rape over beer bottle ‘prank’

An Australian Army captain who violated a male colleague with a beer bottle — in what his lawyer des..


Fortnite season 7, week 3 challenges and tips for getting through them quickly – CNET

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Targeted attack: 4 injured, incl Syrians, after man tries to ram car into people in Germany

At least four people, including Syrian and Afghan nationals, were injured after a driver tried to ra..


He did nothing wrong: Giuliani defends Assanges decision to publish Hillary campaign emails

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange did nothing wrong by publishing Hillary Clintons campaign emails, j..


Hackers breach and steal password data for 100 million users

EnlargeFrank Lindecke / Flickr Brace yourself for yet another massive data breach., a site..