Ban it! Prince William called to END ‘sick’ grouse shoot after Balmoral tradition delayed

express– William and George’s trip to Balmoral to celebrate the Glorious Twelfth – the start of the grouse shooting season – may be delayed this year due to a shortage of birds. Amid the potential delay to their traditional trip, animals rights group PETA, has called on the “sick practice” to be banned. Speaking to, Elisa Allen, PETA’s Director, attacked the “extremely cruel” practice which takes place every year.

Such is the “extreme cruelty” shown to animals, the group insisted the practice should’ve been banned long ago.

Ms Allen said: “The perpetrators of this blood sport breed grouse in factory farm–like conditions, then release the birds into the countryside – simply so that hunters who lack empathy, compassion, and respect for these living, feeling beings can get a sick thrill from blasting them to death with a shotgun.

“This practice should have ended with the feudal system, as it’s extremely cruel and environmentally destructive.

“To stimulate the growth of heather shoots for young grouse to eat, management companies set fire to moorland – emitting some 260,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, (the primary greenhouse gas responsible for climate change) every year.

“Fortunately, very few people these days view shooting for “sport” as anything other than a violent perversion that hurts and kills beautiful birds and destroys our precious ecosystems.

“For this reason, hunting of any kind will soon go the way of cockfighting, bearbaiting, and dogfighting.”

Last year, the Cambridges travelled to the family home in Scotland where they shot grouse in Corgarff.

The royals have a long tradition of grouse shooting and are often pictured venturing out during the season which extends from August 12 to December 10.

The Royal Family has a long tradition in shooting and in George VI’s last ever shoot, 90 pheasants, 17 rabbits, two pigeons and three mallards were killed.

This year’s event may be missed, however, due to a cold spring that killed many young birds.

According to Richard Eden, the cold spring has forced some estates to call off their shoots or postponed them until next year.

Stocks of deer are still plentiful around Balmoral and it is expected deer-stalking will still be held at the estate.

Ahead of their trip to Balmoral, Kate and William enjoyed a holiday break on the Isles of Scilly.

This is the second-year running the family has travelled to the isles in Cornwall.

According to Hello!, the family travelled to the popular destination after putting off a holiday abroad.

Kate and William are also discussing where to send George next year and are even considering sending him to boarding school.

According to royal sources, the parents will not send him to boarding school unless he wants it and are having open discussions over it.

Commenting on the plans, Royally Us hose Joe Drake said: “They are talking about potentially sending him to boarding school but sources told Us Weekly that they wouldn’t do it unless George wants to and obviously he’s old enough now to say yes or no.

“The source said they’re having ‘open communication’ with their children and it’s going to be more of a family decision than I think it was when William and obviously even Charles was young, it was sort of a given you were sent to boarding school.”

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