EU warned French voters will PUNISH ‘arrogant elites’ if Brexit deal rushed through bloc

express– Nicolas Bay, general secretary of the right-wing National Rally party led by twice-defeated Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, made his remarks in response to suggestions that the European Commission was ready to rush a deal through if EU negotiator Michel Barnier and UK counterpart Lord David Frost reach an agreement prior to the December 31 deadline. Speaking last week, Sky News’ European Correspondent Adam Parsons said: “One thing that jumps out is something called provisional application.

“What that might mean is that if a deal is agreed at the last-minute, it’s put in place before it’s even ratified.

“One source told me that would be a very precarious option.”

Mr Bay agreed, telling Express.co.uk French voters “wouldn’t be happy” with any perceived attempt to bypass normal procedures, especially given the sensitivity of the issues at stake.

He said: “The French have memories that last and they are lucid.

“Remember that they foiled the Treaty of Rome in 2005 and put National Rally in the lead in the 2014 and 2019 European elections.

“If a hasty decision were to be made, it would certainly be seen, and rightly so, as further proof of the arrogance of European elites.”

“The media caste was unanimous, and the political class was not far from it.

“Since then, without having been disturbed by the result, most of the French media have continued their fake news: they persist in portraying Brexit as a disaster and the United Kingdom as solely responsible for the situation.


Turning his attention to the UK’s decision to quit the EU, Mr Bay added: “I think France is in a very special situation vis-a-vis Brexit.

“First of all, the French media propaganda during the British referendum was appalling.

“We were predicting the apocalypse in the event of a Brexit victory, we announced the ‘no’ as a sure thing.

“The European Commission has never been criticised.


“If you add to that the fact that many French economic interests are at stake.”

Speaking last week, former Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe told Express.co.uk: “If they can really do that without all of the other countries being happy, that does say why we left the bloc.

“The fact is nobody is surprised any longer.

“The major reason we got out was so that we couldn’t be bossed around.

“But nobody is surprised when the EU just decides to shortcut consultations.

“The other thing it shows it that the EU is obviously desperate for a deal.

“And if Boris had any sense at all he would be using that.

“Because it is always being portrayed that no deal is a problem for Britain but it is obviously a massive problem for the EU, and they are desperate to avoid it.”

A European Commission spokesman told Express.co.uk last week: “Negotiations are ongoing.

“We are working hard for a deal. We are not going to speculate about dates.

“Michel Barnier has always said that there must be time at the end of the negotiations for the European Parliament and Council to have their say on any potential deal.”


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