‘Petrified’ EU facing crisis as Brexit success threatens to spell END of bloc, Tice warns

BREXITEER Richard Tice argued the EU is panicking at the possibility of Britain prospering after cutting ties with the bloc.

Brexit Party Chairman and former MEP Richard Tice claimed there were many benefits of Brexit for Britain that the EU is petrified of. During an interview with, Mr Tice said if Britain becomes a success story it could spell trouble for the European Union. He said other countries will look at Britain as an example and may question whether they want to remain a member of the bloc.


Mr Tice said: “The EU has always been afraid of the UK not only surviving but thriving outside of the European Union.

“As we would basically be free to make our own judgements and decisions.

“With our interests in mind, we would be able to do free trade deals around the world, be able to use state aid to our advantage.

“There are loads of benefits from Brexit that the EU are petrified that we will do.

“Our economy will grow faster and we will have even more jobs and higher-skilled jobs.”

Mr Tice also explained why he believed the EU was scared of the UK’s progress and what it would mean for the bloc.

He said: “The EU simply can’t have that sort of success story basically outside their front door.

“If we succeed then there will be other countries who are saying, hang on, I rather like what the UK has got.”

The Brexit Party chairman reflected on the EU’s attitudes towards the UK during the talks and argued the reasons why it has been difficult.

He continued: “They have always felt they have had to stamp down on us and bully us into submission.

“They were able to do that with the negotiating weakness and feebleness of Olly Robbins and Theresa May.

“But it is a completely new game now as we have got a determined Government and a chief negotiator in David Frost who actually believes what he is fighting for.

“I would say that is a pretty good starting point in my opinion.”

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove and Brexit negotiator David Frost are expected to put more pressure on the bloc in the next round of Brexit trade deal talks.

Cabinet Office Minister Penny Mordaunt explained to the House of Commons on Tuesday the pair would be working hard to ensure the UK succeeds in the next round of talks.

She explained the UK will emphasise Britain will not be agreeing to a transition period extension and will hold the EU accountable for upholding their commitments set out in the terms of the agreement.



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