Barniers letter to UK: Lets stop sending letters about Brexit

The EU wants the U.K. to discuss their points of difference in Brexit talks at the negotiating table rather than via letters — and made that point in a letter.

EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier answered a critical letter from his U.K. counterpart David Frost Wednesday, saying that “detailed discussions on substance are for the negotiating table.” The exchange of letters came as the U.K. on Tuesday published a set of draft legal texts on its Brexit stance.

“I share your commitment to helping the process move forward together,” Barnier wrote to Frost. “I do not think, however, that an exchange of letters regarding the substance of the negotiations is necessarily the best way to discuss on substantial points.

“It cannot be a substitute for serious engagement and detailed negotiations and, in particular, I would not like the tone that you have taken to impact the mutual trust and constructive attitude that is essential between us.”

Barnier did, however, respond to the U.K. arguments, for example by explaining why so-Read More – Source