Macron meets with controversial chloroquine doctor in Marseille

PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron unexpectedly flew to Marseille Thursday afternoon to meet with professor Didier Raoult, who has been pushing for a controversial chloroquine-based treatment for coronavirus.

Raoult has been touting the use of an antimalarial drug as a treatment for COVID-19, challenging health authorities who have been much more cautious about the use of chloroquine and its compounds as clinical trials have not proven its effectiveness.

Patients have lined up outside the hospital where he works in Marseille hoping to access his treatment, even though Raoults initial results were based on a small sample of patients and not up to scientific standards for published studies — drawing criticism from the medical community.

Raoult shared with Macron his latest results, based on a larger sample of patients, according to an Elysee official.

“A visit doesnt legitimize a scientific protocol, a visit marks interest by the head of state, for the executive, for clinical trials, whether they are promising or not,” the official said.

Raoult has become a media sensation, with cult-like following.

Hydroxychloroquine is part of four treatments currently tested in an EU-wide clinical trial.

Officials in Macrons office denied he was getting ahead of the results of those clinical trials, bowing to popular pressure or politicizing the issue dRead More – Source

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