Trump offers help to treat Boris Johnson in hospital

U.S. President Donald Trump offered “help” Monday to treat British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is in hospital battling COVID-19, saying he had asked “leading companies” to “contact London immediately” about solutions.

“Well see if we can be of help. Weve contacted all of Boris doctors, and well see what is going to take place, but they are ready to go,” Trump said during a press briefing with his coronavirus task force. “Were working with the [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] and everybody else, but we are working with London with respect to Boris Johnson.”

Johnson was sent into intensive care late Monday after testing positive for the virus last month. Trump said he had asked two companies that have dealt with treating “ebola, AIDS, others” to contact the U.K.

When asked by a reporter to specify this potential treatment, Trump said: “Its a very complex treatment of things that theyve just recently developed, and that they have a lot of experience with having to with something else but recently for this.” He added: “Theyve had meetings with the doctors, and well see whether or not they want to go that route. But when youre in intensive care its a big deal. So theyre there and theyre ready.”

Asked whether Johnson had initially downplayed the threat of the virus too much, Trump responded: “I think Boris was loRead More – Source

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