Trudeau self-isolates at home as wife awaits coronavirus test results

OTTAWA — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in self-isolation after his wife, Sophie, showed flu-like symptoms and is awaiting test results on whether she contracted the coronavirus.

A statement from his office Thursday said Trudeau is showing no symptoms and will continue working from home, but his absence has forced the postponement of a major meeting with the federations premiers.

“The doctors advice to the prime minister is to continue daily activities while self-monitoring, given he is exhibiting no symptoms himself,” the statement read. “However, out of an abundance of caution, the prime minister is opting to self-isolate and work from home until receiving Sophies results.”

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau began exhibiting mild flu-like symptoms including a low fever late last night, the statement said. She is being tested for the Covid-19 and is self-isolating at home awaiting test results.

Her symptoms have since subsided, the statement read. She recently returned from a European speaking engagement in London.

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