Trump will demand high price for UK trade deal, says former ambassador

Donald Trump will push in trade talks for the U.K. to pay high prices for drugs and for U.S. food producers to have more market access, Britains former ambassador to Washington told the Guardian.

Laying out the tough trade-offs that Boris Johnsons government will have to consider in trade negotiations with the U.S. after Brexit, Kim Darroch said Trump would strongly defend the interests of farmers and corporate America.

“I know what the U.S. will be pitching for when they negotiate a free-trade deal with us. They will pitch for massively greater access for agricultural products. People talk about chlorinated chicken — it is a lot more than that. Farmers in America vote for Trump, pretty much all of them vote for Trump,” said Darroch in his first interview since he resigned last year after diplomatic cables in which he criticized the U.S. president were leaked.

“They also want us to pay the same for American pharmaceuticals as they pay in their own market. Do they want us to pay more for their pharmaceuticals? Do the pharmaceutical companies want to use this leverage? Of course they do.”

Darroch said that U.K. negotiators would push for more access to the U.S. financial services market, as well as for concessions on aviation, arms sales and public procRead More – Source

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