Paris protesters try to enter theatre attended by Macron

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Dozens of protesters tried to enter a Paris theatre on Friday where French President Emmanuel Macron was spending the evening with his wife Brigitte.


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Around thirty opponents of Macrons pension reform gathered in front of Pariss Bouffes du Nord theatre early Friday evening, according to the presidential couple's entourage. After trying to enter the theatre, the demonstrators were moved back by police.

The head of state, who was attending a performance at the time, was "secured" for a few minutes before being able to return to see the play until the end.

The Paris Police headquarters confirmed that the demonstrators had not managed to enter.

The Macrons were attending a performance of "La Mouche" when activist journalist Taha Bouhafs, sitting three rows behind, tweeted photos that prompted activists to come and disrupt the show, according to a relative of the president.

"We were at Paris 7 University for a people's university, someone got a message that Macron was there, so we came to show that we're here, that there's a protest against pension reform, but not only that," said Arthur Knight, one of the protesters.

Bouhafs then asked his tens of thousands of followers whether he should throw his shoes at the president, following the famous gesture of an Iraqi journalist against US President George W. Bush in 2008.

"I'm kidding (…) the security is looking at me weirdly right now," Bouhafs said.

Bouhafs was later arrested and taken to a police station, although it was not clear if he had been taken into custody.

The president "will continue to go to theatrical performances as usual”, said his entourage. “He will be Read More – Source

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