‘No survivors’ after Ukrainian Boeing 737 passenger plane crashes in Iran

Issued on: 08/01/2020 – 05:28Modified: 08/01/2020 – 05:28

A Ukrainian airliner carrying at least 170 passengers crashed on Wednesday due to technical problems soon after taking off from Tehrans Imam Khomeini airport, and all aboard were killed, Irans state television and a Ukrainian official said.


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The Boeing 737 belonging to Ukraine International Airlines crashed near the airport and burst into flames. A Ukrainian foreign ministry official in Kiev said all crew and passengers aboard were killed, citing information from the airline.

There was no official word from Ukraine International Airlines.

“The fire is so heavy that we cannot (do) any rescue… we have 22 ambulances, four bus ambulances and a helicopter at the site,” Pirhossein Koulivand, head of Irans emergency services, told Iranian state television.

Reza Jafarzadeh, a spokesman for Irans Civil Aviation Organization, told state television that the number of passengers on board the flight was 170.

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