Chiles president cancels COP25 climate summit in Santiago

Chiles President Sebastian Piñera said Chile would not host the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation trade summit in November or the COP25 climate summit in December, following weeks of violent protests in the country.

Piñera said Wednesday that Chile will “not host the APEC summit, which was planned for the month of November, and also not the COP summit, which was planned for the month of December. We are deeply sorry for the problems and inconveniences that this decision will mean both for the APEC and the COP. But as the president of all Chileans, I have to always put first the problems and interests of the Chilean people,” he said.

The global COP25 climate talks were due to take place in Santiago between December 2 and December 13.

Patricia Espinosa, the U.N. climate change executive secretary, said in a statement she was informed of Chiles decision earlier Wednesday, adding: “We are currently exploring alternative hosting options.”

Germanys State Secretary for the Environment Jochen Flasbarth tweeted that the government is in contact with the U.N.s climate change secretariat — which is located in Bonn — as well as the Polish COP24 presidency to “discuss the situation.” Poland hosted the climate talks in Katowice last year, while Bonn hosted the COP23 summit in 2017 to support Fiji, which chaired the presidency that year.

Costa Ricas Minister of Environment and Energy Carlos Manuel Rodríguez said that “as Chiles partner in this process … we will support their decisions in order to find a successful alternative for the realization of COP25,” adding that the organization of the talks “represents a great logistic process that takes months to prepare.” Costa Rica hosted preliminary negotiations ahead of the meeting this month.

The Santiago meeting was due to finalize outstanding issues in the rulebook to implement the 2015 Paris Agreement, and focus on issues such as funding to help countrieRead More – Source

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