First case of Brexit psychosis diagnosed in the UK

Doctors in the U.K. have identified the first case of “Brexit psychosis,” according to a report in the British Medical Journal.

In summer 2016, three weeks after EU referendum, a 40-year-old man was admitted to hospital after his mental health had deteriorated rapidly following the announcement of the results, “with significant concerns about Brexit,” the report states.

“He had auditory hallucinations, and paranoid, referential, misidentification and bizarre delusions,” Dr. Mohammad Zia Ul Haq Katshul from the Institute of Mental Health of the University of Nottingham, who treated the man, writes. After the Brexit vote, he “found it difficult to reconcile with the political events happening around him. He became increasingly worried about racial incidents.” The man also said he “felt ashamed to be British … I am in a constituency that reflects an opinion that is not for me.”

“Political events can act as major psychological stressors and have a significant impact on the mental health of people, especially those with a predisposition to develop mental illness,” Read More – Source

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