Plumber Who Offers Free Services To Elderly And Disabled Receives £80k In Donations

James Anderson does free work for elderly and disabled customersSWNS

A plumber who went viral for offering free services to elderly and disabled customers has received almost £80,000 in donations for his acts of kindness.

James Anderson made headlines earlier this week after giving a 91-year-old leukaemia sufferer, who is on end of life support, an invoice totaling £0 for the repair of her boiler.

The caring plumber was hired by the elderly womans daughter, who explained her mothers situation. Anderson then visited the house twice a day to depressurise the boiler and keep it working before fitting a new part on September 12.

This is the invoice from plumber, James Anderson in Burnley after fixing a lady's boiler – gives me a little hope for humanity after all

— ProudDevonian (@PDevonian) September 15, 2019

Though the work should have cost around £480, Anderson told UNILAD he didnt want to put any more stress on [the familys] situation, so he decided not to charge the customers.

After news of the plumbers generosity was shared online, people from across the world began sending donations to Andersons not-for-profit company, Depher. The organisation was set up in 2017 and carries out plumbing work free of charge for elderly and disabled customers.

According to The Sun, Anderson, from Burnley, said he has received £79,767 from kind strangers. The donations can go towards helping the company pay off the debt accumulated for their not-for-profit work, as well as allowing Depher to increase the amount of help they offer, which extends from free to discounted service.

James Anderson gives free plumbing services to elderly and disabledSWNS

The plumber explained:

A lady from London rang up and put £2,000 in my personal bank account for me to pay towards my debt, and another gentleman rang up and put £1,000 in for me.

Thats £3,000 off the debt, which will keep the wolves from the door until I can get some more private jobs.

We dont just have to do Lancashire now. Im going to be ringing local engineers in the wider area.

I had to lay two of the lads off because I couldnt afford it, then I had to go out and do the jobs myself as well as the paperwork, advertising, quotes and everything else. Now I can look at bringing them back.

James Anderson is a Burnley plumber. He was livid with a callout to an elderly person whose hot water had been blocked by an engineer to rip him off. He set up Depher, a not for profit service for disabled and elderly people. Please donate: I just have

— Daniel Bennett (@KentMediator) September 22, 2019

While the news of Andersons kindness is allowing him to expand in his local area, the concept has also been picked up by companies across the world.

The plumber spoke of how workers have been getting in touch for advice on how to offer free services themselves, saying:

People are talking about doing it in America, France and Australia, and theyre all going to contact me to get advice and guidance as to how to do it in their countries.

Hopefully… we can bring all communities together for one common cause across the planet, so everybody whos elderly and disabled, not just in the UK, can benefit from something like this in society.

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