Steve From Stranger Things Has Already Got Rid Of His Bowl Cut

Steve From Stranger Things Has Already Got Rid Of His Bowl CutNetflix

Stop the press! In fact, stop everything youre doing, because someone had a haircut, some people questioned it, and now that person has changed their hair again.

I know! Front page news, people!

Hair. Most of us have it, and most of us have had it cut or restyled or changed to some degree at least once in our lives, because were human and these little things can make a big difference. The difference, in this case, is the person in question is rather well-known for their powerful hair, and they outrageously went and changed it without consulting the rest of us! The cheeky devil.

Steve From Stranger Things Has Already Got Rid Of His Bowl CutPA

Steve. Steve from Stranger Things. Dad Steve. Steve The Hair Stranger Things. Does he have an actual last name? Yes. Its Hairington.

Anyway, a few days ago Steve Hairface made the audacious decision to cut off his iconic Stranger Things 80s bouffant hair. Why? Probably because its not the 80s and Stranger Things is over. Hes not even called Steve for Petes sake!

Hes actually called Joe Keery, and a few days ago Joe Hairy Keery caused more outrage than New Coke (thats an 80s joke for you Stranger Things fans) by cutting off his luxurious hair. Unless it was a wig and he just took the wig off finally. How disappointing would that be?!

Keery actually just had a chop, and went from his 80s bouffant to a 90s bowl cut, because if youre not using your hair to document the decades are you even really living?

So Season 4 of Stranger Things will be about rescuing Steve Harringtons hair from the upside down, got it.

— Adam B. Vary (@adambvary) September 15, 2019

Steve from #StrangerThings has cut his hair and nothing will ever be the same again

— Alan Loughnane (@AlanLoughnane1) September 15, 2019

Sooo, Joe Keery (Steve Harrington from Stranger Things) got his hair cut, and I didn't think this picture would affect me as much as it does..

— Chris Viola (@cbviola21) September 16, 2019

i woke up in such a good mood today, and then steve from stranger things had to cut off his beautiful hair.

— christo (@christobowman) September 14, 2019

Why Steve HAIR Harrington whyyy?? its actually not super bad-bad, but its not our fav mums hair Read More – Source

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