Teen Left With Lungs Like 70-Year-Old Suing Vaping Company

Adam Hergenreder Teen Left With Lungs Like 70-Year-Old Suing Vaping CompanyCNN

A teenager who claimed vaping left him with lungs like a 70-year-old is now suing a leading e-cigarette company.

Adam Hergenreder, an 18-year-old student athlete from Gurnee, Illinois, was hospitalised after using e-cigarettes for 18 months.

He claimed doctors told him he now has lungs similar to those of a 70-year-old after he underwent treatment at the end of August for nausea and laboured breathing.

The 18-year-old has accused Juul of marketing their products to young people with the message that vaping could boost their social status, The Independent reports.

The lawsuit claims the electronic cigarette company used advertisements and social media campaigns to encourage young people to vape, but never fully disclosed that their products contained dangerous chemicals.

The legal case also names a gas station as a defendant, accusing it of regularly selling Hergenreder nicotine-based Juul products when he was under the legal purchase age of 18.

Antonio Romanucci, Mr Hergenreders lawyer, said:

To put it mildly, Adam didnt stand a chance to avoid getting hooked on these toxic time-bombs.

Adam Hergenreder vaping CNN

In a statement released on Friday (September 13), Juul said it had never marketed to youth and argued its products were aimed towards adults who were trying to quit smoking.

Hergenreder said he first started vaping because everyone else was doing it and claimed he was unaware of any health risks from carrying out the practice. As well as purchasing over-the-counter e-liquids, the teenager also vaped THC – the main psychoactive component in cannabis – which he got from a drug dealer.

When asked by CBS News if he thought buying THC off the street was kind of dumb, the 18-year-old admitted that it was, before adding: When youre addicted like that, I dont think that goes through youRead More – Source

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