Worlds Largest Gathering Of Guys Called Nigel Happening This Month

World's Largest Gathering Of Guys Called Nigel Happening This MonthPA/Nikelodeon

When you hear the name Nigel, your immediate thought might be that of Nigel Farage, who famously brought the pro-Brexit agenda to the mainstream, or personal favourite of mine would have to be Nigel Thornberry from The Thornberrys.

Either way – the chances are, youll be hearing less of the name, as in 2016 it was recorded that fewer than three babies had been handed in the name in the UK.

However, one Nigel is taking a stand in the name of his, erm, name… by hosting what he hopes will become the worlds largest gathering of Nigels.

World's Largest Gathering Of Guys Called Nigel Happening This MonthNikelodeon

Nigel Smith, 56, has organised the gathering which will take place at his Bretforton pub on Saturday, September 28, and is affectionately named Nigel Night. No prizes for originality there, Nige.

He says it gives Nigels one last chance to gather before they go extinct and theres even a free drink in it for them.

Although no-Nigels are welcome to attend the event, they must declare their non-Nigel status by wearing a badge.

Smith hopes he will be able to set a Guinness World Record with the event and even spur on a national gathering. Hooray for Nigels uniting.

He told the Evesham Journal:

Before its too late and we become extinct, we felt we ought to have a gathering.

Lets face it, its not a popular name but surely there are enough of us to try and create our lasting mark on British names.

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