Mother Dolphin Jumps For Joy As Fishermen Release Her Baby From Net

Mother Dolphin 'Jumps For Joy' As Fishermen Release Her Baby From Net@Mario Polizzi/Facebook

A heartwarming video has emerged which shows a mother dolphins joy after fishermen released her calf from a fishing net.

The baby dolphin had become entangled in the net off the island of Procida, near Naples in Italy, but was fortunately set free by the kindly fishermen.

The mother dolphin appeared to be delighted and relieved by the safe return of her baby; proceeding to give a beautiful series of joyful jumps in full view of the fishermen. It seemed as though she was expressing gratitude towards the humans for showing compassion for her little one.

You can watch the life-affirming clip for yourself below:

In the video, the fisherman can be heard cheering the jubilant mother as she gives her breathtaking performance. Leaping high above the exquisite blue of the ocean, the mum almost looks like she could fly with sheer happiness.

There may not be a shared language between humans and dolphins, but the emotional connection shown within this video just proves how communication can sometimes go beyond words.

The footage was recently shared by Mario Polizzi, and has since sparked smiles amongst dolphin lovers all across the world.

Dolphin Baby Calf Mother Italy Fishermen@Mario Polizzi/Facebook

Those who have viewed the video have been touched by the gratitude shown by the mother dolphin, and the evident love she has for her young calf.

One person commented:

That was absolutely spectacular; one very happy mum dolphin showing so much gratitude at being reunited with its calf is truly heartwarming.

Another said:

Beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes. Dolphins are really evolved and intelligent creatures.

Dolphin Baby Calf Mother Italy Fishermen@Mario Polizzi/Facebook

Of course, we cant know exactly what the mama dolphinRead More – Source

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