UK freight industry says its shooting in the dark on no-deal Brexit

The leak of Operation Yellowhammer, the British governments no-deal planning dossier, indicates a hard Brexit would be “far, far more potentially disruptive” than industry has been told to prepare for, according to the Freight Transport Association.

The U.K. government must urgently clarify what it predicts the impact of no deal will be for moving goods into and around Britain, James Hookham, deputy chief executive of the Freight Transport Association (FTA), told POLITICOs London Playbook.

The FTA was particularly blindsided by the suggestion in the leaked document that the governments own no-deal zero-tariff policy could hit the U.K.s domestic fuel industry, leading to the closure of two refineries, strikes and disruption to fuel availability, Hookham said.

While he said the FTA has not seen the original Yellowhammer document, Hookham added: “That really frightened me, because thats clearly got the potential to disrupt all U.K. goods distribution activity and commercial activity, if the domestic fuel supplies are under threat. Thats certainly never been raised with us before.”

He continued: “Were calling for some kind of independent review of the evidence and the scenarios that the governments using, just to get it all out on the table. What were feeling now is thaRead More – Source

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