Police arrest man after Baidu boss drenched on stage

Chinese police have arrested a man in connection with an incident that saw someone pour a bottle of water over the head of search giant Baidus chief executive.

Robin Li was left soaked during a keynote address at Baidus annual Create conference in Beijing yesterday after a man stepped on stage to empty the bottle over him.

Li tried to shake the water out of his hair and asked the man “Whats your problem?” before continuing with his speech on artificial intelligence.

“As you can see, all kinds of unexpected things may happen on our way forward in AI development,” Li then said, according to CNN.

“But our determination wont change going forward. We firmly believe AI will change everyones life.”

Baidu police later told Beijing police about the incident, according to Reuters.

Authorities then identified a man in connection with the incident and put him into administrative detention, which can last for up to five days.

Police accused the man of “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”, Reuters reported.

Baidu – Googles equivalent in China – is the biggest native online search engine but has drawn criticism over apparent problems concerning searches.

Baidu boss Robin Li was soaked with water while delivering a speech about AI (Photo credit:QIAN YE/AFP/Getty Images)

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