UK didnt understand Nigerian society when it said sex slaves return wealthy & enjoy status

British officials controversially implied that human-trafficking victims from Nigeria become rich and get royal treatment upon returning home, when, in fact, the opposite is true, a Nigerian journalist told RT.

The Home Office, which is responsible for law enforcement and security, said in its updated policy note that Nigerian human-trafficking victims return home “wealthy from prostitution” where they “enjoy high social-economic status” and are “often held in high regard because they have improved income prospects.”

This passage enraged human rights campaigners and politicians in Britain, who demanded that the Home Office delete it and apologize.

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Nigerian journalist and political commentator Lagun Akinloye told RT that it is hard for local women to adjust to normal life after they escape traffickers, and “to imply that on the return home they will be welcomed back with open arms… is difficult.”

There are cultural stigmas to what is perceived as prostitution. Nigeria is a conservative society, in which the religion plays a big part. Not only are you put aside by your family or religious leaders, [but] the community also shuns you.Read More – Source

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