Land rocks, smoke billows into sky as huge blaze engulfs ammo depot in Kazakhstan (VIDEO)

Published time: 24 Jun, 2019 08:40 Edited time: 24 Jun, 2019 09:48

A massive fire erupted at a military base in Kazakhstan, which serves as an ammunition depot. Residents of a nearby town are posting apocalyptic videos of the disaster, showing powerful blasts and smoke billowing from the site.

Footage from the scene shows black smoke rising up in huge, mushroom-shaped columns; while occasional blasts can be heard in the distance. Other clips show terrified people running away.

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The fire at the base near the town of Arys started with a single blast on Monday morning, according to preliminary reports, before spreading and triggering more explosions.

No casualties were immediately reported, but the exploding ammo may pose a threat to nearby settlements.

An evacuation has been ordered. The local rescue services said they sent eight fire brigades to respond to the disaster, but it was not immediately clear if they could approach the base safely.

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