AMD says its Ryzen 3000 isnt just cheaper—its better

Enlarge / AMD provided infrared photos showing its new Ryzen 3700x running cooler than an Intel i7-9700k.AMD Computex slide deck

AMD's new line of Ryzen 3000 desktop CPUs will benefit from the same 7nm manufacturing process as the company's new Navi-powered GPUs. Much of the tech community's hype is for the biggest and baddest of the bunch: the 16-core, 32-thread Ryzen 9 3950x. But there's an entire new line ranging from the $749 3950x down to a relatively-modest $199 3600X—and AMD is gunning for Intel every step of the way.

I dont think theres any reason people would buy an Intel processor after we [launch the Ryzen 3000 line].Travis Kirsch, AMD Client Product Management Director

What's really interesting is, this time around, AMD is not just pitching cheaper parts and "good-enough" performance—the company is claiming top-dog stats, along with thermal and power efficiency wins. The Ryzen 7 3700x is listed at $329, while Intel's i7-9700k is currently available for about $410. But according to AMD's slides, the Ryzen part also outperforms the i7-9700k across the board, and it draws less power and produces less heat while doing so. Even when comparing absolute flagship CPUs, the monstrous 16-core/32-thread Ryzen 3950x boasts 105W TDP, while Intel's 32-threaded i7-7960x runs 165W TDP.

If the data here is reasonably accurate, the savings in power and cooling costs over the lifespan of a system will probably outweigh its already lower purchase price.

  • Cooler and quieter: in a reversal from what we've come to expect, AMD says its new flagship CPU is more power-efficient than Intel's. AMD Computex slide deck
  • Content-creation benchmarks are more likely than gaming benchmarks to be CPU-dependent. AMD Computex slide deck
  • Most of us know better than to tie framerate too closely to a CPU, but in case you weren't sure, AMD is eager to prove it. AMD Computex slide deck
  • For every Core, there's a Ryzen. (Also, there's the 3700x. Why not?) AMD draws bull's eyes directly on individual Intel SKUs down the line. AMD Computex slide deck

One thing does remain constant in the Intel-vs-AMD wars: it appears that Intel will still enjoy a small single-thread performance advantage, while Ryzen runs away laughing with massively-multithreaded benchmark wins due to its greater number of threads at the same price points. (For example, the Ryzen 3700x boasts 16 threads to the i7-9700k's 8.) This generally is little or no help with gaming benchmarks, which tend to block on single-threaded performance and benefit very little from more than four CPU threads—but AMD figured out a way to make all those extraRead More – Source

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