Puss conference: Pakistani politicians give media address with Facebook CAT FILTER enabled

The provincial government of Pakistans Khyber Pakhtunkhwa live-streamed a press conference on Facebook, but forgot to turn off the cat filter. As a result, viewers saw their leaders decked out with pointy ears and whiskers.

Setting out to discuss important decisions of the provincial cabinet in Peshawar on Friday, politician Shaukat Yousafzai was soon made a laughing stock, after someone on his social media team didnt paws for thought and disable Facebooks cutesy cat filter.

Viewers bombarded the live stream with messages, and the filter was swiftly disabled. After rounds of mockery on Twitter and Facebook, the party issued a statement on Saturday, attributing the blunder to a social media volunteer. They promised to “avoid such [an] incident in future.”

You can't beat this! Khyber Pakhtunkhwa govt's live presser on Facebook with cat filters.. ? pic.twitter.com/xPRBC2CH6y

— Naila Inayat नायला इनायत (@nailainayat) June 14, 2019

Positive image of Pakistan is being promoted though a press conference streamed live on Facebook with cat filter on ministers of KP province.. pic.twitter.com/ihjxarISfe

— Waseem Abbasi (@Wabbasi007) June 14, 2019

Shaukat and his officials belong to the PTI party of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. They were not the only PTI figures to goof up in recent dRead More – Source


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