50 years ago, scientists wanted to build solar panels on the moon

Solar power from moon to Earth

An almost unlimited supply of electricity could be generated on the moons surface by huge arrays of solar cells and beamed to Earth by laser. Sunlight falling on a crater … could produce from 10,000 to 100,000 megawatts of power. By comparison, a large hydroelectric dam on Earth produces about 100 megawatts. Solar cells would be more efficient on the moon than on Earth … because of the lack of dimming clouds. — Science News, June 14, 1969


There are no solar panels on the moon yet, but scientists are still looking at ways to harness the suns energy in space to use as electricity on Earth. A 2012 NASA report proposed a bell-shaped satellite of solar cells that could supply solar energy to Earth, costing roughly $20 billion to launch. China and Japan are further along. China plans to Read More – Source

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