Make Mac Pro grate again: Twitter has a ball mocking Apples newest gadgets

In typical ostentatious fashion, Apple rolled out a number of new products at its Worldwide Developers Conference. While many were enthusiastic about the new tech, some online couldnt help having fun at the companys expense.

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Apple introduced its new iOS 13 software at Mondays conference, as well as the latest iteration of its high-end desktop, the Mac Pro. Many were quick to note the computers striking resemblance to a certain kitchen appliance.

While its cheese-grater-inspired design has become the butt of jokes on Twitter, some pointed out that its still an upgrade on the trash-can-shaped 2013 Mac Pro.

The tech giant also turned heads in its promotional material for the new computer, advertising the Mac Pros display stand – just the stand – with a $999 price tag. Some argued the ad contained an error, and that the stand was being offered for a fraction of that.

Woah now, whoever made this clearly screwed up. Look at one of the presentations from WWDC, It's $199 not $999. Pretty pricey but not *that* bad.

— Aemilia ? (@WingarScarlett) June 3, 2019

It may be an unfortunate mistake, but wouldn't it be cool to have $999 (approximately the price of an iPhone XS) worth of functions in just your display stand?

Or perhaps Apple simply thought it would be small potatoes for someone already dishing out $6,000 on the Pro itself and another $5,000 on the display. The computer may only stand a foot tall, but one tech outlet jokingly deemed it the “iLadder,” as the expensive piece of technology “lets you look down on your poor friends.”

While one part of Twitter was jeering and sneering at Apples new creations, another was in a much more somber mood, mourning the phasing out of iTunes. The iconic music platform will be replaced by three desktop apps: Music, TV and Podcasts.

i cant believe iTunes is over and future kids wont ever experience the anxiety of which song to spend $0.99 or $1.29 on, or how frustrating only 30 second previews of songs on albums are…. RIP to a legendary era https://t.co/H0TOdH7jIF

— caitlyn rae? (@xc8lyn) June 4, 2019

In addition to the Pro, Apple also rolled out a new login feature to compete with similar tools already offered by Facebook and Google, hoping to speed up the sign-in process on its devices for third party apps.

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