Macron: Blocking Huawei not best way to defend national security

French President Emmanuel Macron rebuffed Donald Trump on Thursday over his executive order targeting Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei, saying that Paris has no intention of launching a “trade or tech war.”

“Our perspective is not to block Huawei or any company,” Macron told reporters at the opening of the VivaTech conference in Paris. He said “launching a trade or tech war vis-a-vis any country is not appropriate,” adding “its not best way to defend national security.”

“France and Europe are pragmatic and realistic. We do believe in cooperation and multilateralism. At the same time, we are extremely careful about access to good technology and to preserve our national security and all the safety rules,” the French president said.

Macrons reaction comes hours after Trump signed an executive order laying the groundwork to block Chinese telecomRead More – Source

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