PS4 Games DELAY: Has Ghost of Tsushima release date been pushed back by new job leak?

PS4 Games DELAY: Has Ghost of Tsushima release date been pushed back by new job leak? (Pic: SONY)

If you're one of the many people patiently waiting for new updates on the highly-anticipated Ghost of Tsushima (courtesy of Sucker Punch), we may have some bad news for you.

Though the game was announced a year and a half ago at the Paris Games Show, there has been precious little to hear about the game since it was revealed.

The news we have seen has gone in a drip-feed, and even then it's been fairly insubstantial. This week, however, we did get an update – and it may not be very reassuring.

The new job listing posted on behalf of Sucker Punch Productions was asking for a Narrative Writer. Specifically, a Narrative Writer who can “help create engaging narrative content” for Ghost of Tsushima.

Apparently, Sucker Punch wants to hire for a "full-time, contract position", with the chosen candidate helping development of story and writing dialogue.

The duties for the succesful applicant include:

  • Write high-quality dialogue under tight deadlines for a diverse cast of characters who live in the world of 13th century Japan.
  • Work closely with content designers to write missions for an open-world game.
  • Contribute to other creative areas of the narrative including secondary game content, dialogue barks, and writing content for marketing materials.

Why is this bad news? Well, this is the sort of thing you tend to hire for quite early on in development. If a Narrative Writer for the game is being hired here, it means that the game is still very early in production – with large parts of the end experience still needing to be 'fleshed out'.

Usually, once the main narrative is pieced together and ready, you'll see systems start to tighten up around the story, and then QA will start testing a more finalised version of the game.

That said, this role could be more focused on ensuring side mission content is created and in good shape… still, it's a pretty big role either way.

Don't expect to hear too much more about Ghost Of Tsushima any time soon – don't forget, Sony is even skipping E3 this year, too…


Ghost of Tsushima: Overview

Release Date: TBC (estimated 2019/2020)
Developer: Sucker Punch Studios
Publisher: Sony
Platforms: PS4, PS4 Pro – Maybe Read More – Source

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