Cop who gave homeless man poop sandwich set to keep job

A police officer who allegedly tried to feed a homeless man a sandwich containing dog feces recently won an appeal against his firing.

Mathew Luckhurst, a police officer in San Antonio, Texas, was placed on indefinite suspension in October 2016 after fellow officers accused him of picking up a piece of dog poo, placing it on a slice of discarded bread, then putting it in the container of a half-eaten meal provided by a local homeless advocacy group.

Luckhurst reportedly left the container near a sleeping homeless man. When the man woke up, he picked up the sandwich and smelled it, before dropping it in disgust.

Matthew Luckhurst won his appeal, overturning his suspension for allegedly feeding a homeless man a dog poop sandwich (Picture: San Antonio Police Department)

A San Antonio police officer fired in October 2016 after he allegedly gave a homeless man a sandwich with dog feces had his dismissal overturned by an arbitrator earlier this month. Bike patrol Officer Matthew Luckhurst won his appeal due to a provision in the local government code that prevents law enforcement from disciplining an officer for conduct that occurred more than 180 days before they are disciplined. Arbitration documents state that Luckhurst testified the incident occurred on May 6, 2016, when he and two other officers on bike patrol were clearing transients from a parking lot near Houston Street and Interstate 35. As the officers asked the individuals to leave the area, which was marked with "no trespassing" signs, Luckhurst said he noticed dog feces, condoms, vomit, personal hygiene products and a discarded slice of bread. He said that he grabbed the dog feces with the piece of bread to avoid stepping on it and placed the feces, wrapped in the bread, into a nearby food container which he said he viewed as trash. He said he left the container "in close proximity" to a transient who did not clear the area and that the person picked up the container containing the feces and threw it on the ground after smelling it.

Luckhurst had been clearing vagrants out of a no trespassing area in San Antonio when the alleged incident occurred. (Picture: Google maps)

Luckhurst, along with other officers, had been clearing vagrants out of a no trespassing area in May, 2016 at the time of the accusation.



You cant be doing that. You have to go pick that up, a fellow officer told Luckhurst, who allegedly bragged about the incident afterwards, according to arbitration documents.

This was a vile and disgusting act that violates our guiding principles of “treating all with integrity, compassion, fairness and respect”, said Police Chief William McManus in a press release at the time of the firing, which occurred after the accusation against Luckhurst sparked an internal investigation.

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Ultimately, Luckhursts termination was overturned because it was determined that he was disciplined more than 180 days after the alleged incident could have occurred, which local government code forbids, KSAT reported.

According to arbitration documents, Luckhurst had injured himself during a martial arts class at the time of the accusation and was on light duty from April 6, 2016 to June 14 of that year, which prevented him from being on bicycle patrol at the time his peers had testified.

Luckhurst was not wearing a bodycam during the alleged incident and authorities were not able to interview the homeless man because they could not locate him, documents stated.

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