Scale modeling gets real: Chinese man builds life-size Airbus A320 replica (VIDEO)

A Chinese farmer-turned-mechanic has constructed a life-sized Airbus A320 replica to fulfill a childhood dream of owning a plane. Looking and weighing the same as the real thing, the replica has one flaw: it doesnt actually fly.

It took two years and $400,000 for aircraft enthusiast Zhu Yue to take hobby scale modeling to a whole new level. With help from his friends, the 40-year-old garlic-farmer-turned-mechanic built a full-scale plane model.

Compared to real A320s, which cost over $90 million apiece, the models construction was cheap. The replica was made from over 50 tons of steel, weighting the about the same as a real, fully-loaded plane.

The model is not just a hull resembling a plane since it features all the main structural pieces of a real-world aircraft like longerons and a more-or-less properly built fuselage. Moreover, the turbines in the replicas engines can actually spin, yet they wont actually take it anywhere.

While the Zhus main goal was to fulfil his childhood dream of owning a plane, the replica is not a mere toy for him. The man plans to turn it into a business venture, establishing a restaurant, wedding photography service and a flight simulator attraction within the massive structure.

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