Hipster barber for mice opens in Malmö

The barber shop appeared early on Tuesday morning. Photo: AnonyMouse

Rodent realtors AnonyMouse have returned to Malmö, this time with Hair and Furever, a mouse-sized addition to of the citys ever growing cadre of hipster barber shops.

Art collective AnonyMouse has delighted people across Sweden and even further afield with miniature but beautifully detailed buildings created especially for mice.

The newest work, a haven for mouse male grooming, appeared on Magistratsparken opposite Malmö Opera in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

But it's not the only new mouse-sized destination, with tiny hostel Tass i Tass (Paw in Paw) next door and Mama Mouskevitzs Dance Studio up the stairs.

"After a bit of traveling the fur has grown and its high time to visit the barber, lucky for us "Hair and Furever" has opened just around the corner," the secretive street art collective wrote in an Instagram post announcing its latest work of guerrilla model-making.

"And for our friends who have gotten lost or found themselves without a home there is always room at the shelter Paw to Paw. It's good to be back home!" wrote the artists, who have brought their tiny artworks to other Swedish cities and even France after starting out in Malmö two years ago.

AnonyMouses ankle-height street art launched in December 2016 when the mouse restaurant Il Topolino and nut shop Noix de Vie appeared under a kebab restaurant on Bergsgatan in the Skåne city.

The following April, they opened a fairground, Tjoffsans Tivoli, on Solters Plan just off Södra Förstadsgatan. Then in December 2017 they delighted the city once again with the bookshop Frankie and Benjies Böker and a theatre on Amiralsgatan. This summer a mouse-sized jazz club, Sacreblues, was spotted in Bayonne, France, while a tiny castle was seen on the Isle of Man.