Fortnite, ASMR and BTS ruled Instagram in 2018 – CNET

The Fortnite hashtag is the fastest growing on Instagram.

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Instagram is looking in the rearview mirror of 2018. What does it see? Soap, Fortnite and Disneyland Tokyo.

On Thursday, Instagram published a video of its biggest trends from the year.

It turns out that in 2018, photos geotagged at Disneyland Tokyo had the most smiley face emoji in their captions. The most-used face filter was Heart Eyes. And the most-popular niche community trend was ASMR — or autonomous sensory meridian response — "with soap cutting, slime popping and makeup shaving continuing its steep rise in popularity," Instagram said.

Instagrammers used the heart emoji more than 14 billion times.

And Fortnite? In case you had any doubt that lots of people are into that game, it's the fastest growing hashtag on Instagram, globally. Meanwhile, the honor of biggest fandom community goes to the BTS Army, or fans of K-pop group BTS.

Instagram also noted that advocacy hashtags had their moments: #metoo was used 1.5 million times, #timesup had 597,000 uses, and #marchforourlives came in at 562,000.

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