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Sleep even better knowing you saved $150 and scored two free pillows to boot.


Welcome to Day 5 of CNET's 10 Days of Deals! On Day 3, I shared a product designed to help you sleep better by regulating the temperature between the sheets. Today let's focus on the other major factor in the sleep equation: the mattress.

If you're in the market for a new one, now's the time to pounce. For a limited time, CNET readers can get $150 off any Nectar mattress, plus two free pillows. That's after removing the existing promo code that automatically appears in your cart at checkout and replacing it with CHEAPSLEEP.

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OK, yep, the standard deal is for $125 off and two free pillows. But, hey, last time I checked, an extra $25 was an extra $25. Use that dough to buy yourself, say, a new set of sheets or a smart speaker for the nightstand. (As it happens, the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini will both run $25 on Black Friday!) Or, you know, just keep it.

A mattress is, of course, a subjective thing, and different people have different needs and preferences. Why choose Nectar over the countless other mail-order mattresses out there?

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Price, for one. With the promo code, a queen-size Nectar will run you $674 shipped. That's at the lower end of the scale for queen-size mattresses. A lot of them run between $800-1,000, at least according to Consumer Reports' most recent roundup.

Speaking of which, Nectar didn't appear in that roundup, most likely because it's a relative newcomer. The company was founded in 2017 and probably missed the cutoff for that story, which ran in March, 2018.

Another point in favor of Nectar: You get a full 365 days to test-drive your new mattress. If you decide on day 364 that you don't like it, you can return it for a full refund. Most other bed-in-a-box companies give you only 100 days — probably enough time to make the call, but I think the longer the test period, the more at ease I feel.

New to buying beds in a box? Here's everything you need to know about ordering a mattress online.

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