EU commissioner accuses Italys Salvini of big lies on food policy

The EUs health commissioner accused Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Saturday of telling “big lies” about the blocs food policy.

Vytenis Andriukaitis, the commissioner for health and food safety, tweeted that he had rarely felt such “unease” after he and Salvini, the leader of the far-right Lega party, attended a conference in Italy.

Earlier on Saturday, Salvini tweeted that he would support “the battle of farmers” against “a Europe that fills tables and shops with junk food that arrives from the other side of the world, without controls,” after he took part in the International Forum on Agriculture and Food in Cernobbio on Lake Como.

“Rice with pesticide? NO!,” Salvini added. “Enough! I buy and eat ITALIAN.”

Andriukaitis, who also participated in the conference organized by Coldiretti, Italys main agricultural lobby, responded to Salvinis comments with irritation and distress.

“In #EU we work together not against each other. Unfortunately we had no opportunity to speak substance. Facts matter little these days… And this isnt about giving lessons to anyone,” he said.

“Suddenly v sad for Europe,” he added. “Thats how #brexit happens. With big lies.”

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