Cannabis oil row: Boy discharged from hospital

A boy with severe epilepsy who was admitted to hospital after his medical cannabis oil was confiscated has been discharged.

Billy Caldwell, 12, was treated with the drug in hospital after the Home Office granted a 20-day licence for the use of the banned substance.

His mother says his seizures are reduced when he takes the oil and called for it to be freely available.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said a review of the law is under way.

The Home Office currently is the ministry in charge of cannabis legislation.

Speaking on the Today programme, Mr Hunt said Home Secretary Sajid Javid would complete the law review "as quickly as he can".

Under the terms of the temporary licence Billy has to go to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London to have the medicine administered.

His mother Charlotte Caldwell, from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, said she has rented a flat in order to facilitate this temporary treatment.

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Last week officials at Heathrow airport confiscated Billy's cannabis oil, which Ms Caldwell had been attempting to bring a supply into the UK from Canada.

Cannabis oil was first used to control Billy's seizures in 2016.

It contains a substance called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is illegal in the UK but available elsewhere.

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