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The leader of Lebanons Hezbollah on Monday praised provisional parliamentary election results as vindicating his Shiite groups armed operations.

byBreitbart Jerusalem8 May 2018, 12:47 AM PDT0

Jewish youth from Paraguay, pose for a photo, in front the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest site in Jerusalem, Wednesday, April 29, 2009 after participating in the ''March of the living". Israelis are celebrating Independence Day, marking the 61st anniversary of the creation of the state. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

Paraguay is set to become the third country, after the US and Guatemala, to transfer its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel said Monday.

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Donald Trump, Xi Jinping

Chinas top economic adviser will travel to Washington, DC, to continue trade talks next week with top Trump administration officials following the U.S. trade delegations trip to China last week.

byMichelle Moons7 May 2018, 10:34 PM PDT0

An alliance The Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) and Arab rebels has taken a key dam of Tishreen on the Euphrates River from ISIS. On December 24, the Syrian Democratic Forces also managed to liberate 5 villages and more than 10 vast farmlands along the banks of the Euphrates. The Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD), an alliance that includes the powerful YPG, YPJ Kurdish militia and Arab rebel groups. QSD forces backed by US-led coalition airstrikes continued the offensive after crossing to the west of the dam, one of three major dams on the Euphrates that provides power to northern Syria and acts as a major transport line connecting "IS"-controlled areas of Aleppo province with their self-declared capital Raqqa. Syria, on December 25, 2015. Photo by DIHA/Sipa USA (Sipa via AP Images)

Turkeys President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed over the weekend to launch new military operations in Syria similar to its previous offensives that targeted U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters he considers to be terrorists.

byEdwin Mora7 May 2018, 8:38 PM PDT0

FILE - In this file photo posted on the Twitter page of Syria's al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front on March 28, 2015, which is consistent with AP reporting, a fighter from Syria's al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front holds his group flag as he stands in front of the governor building in Idlib province, north Syria. Clashes between two extremist factions in northwestern Syria have left dozens of fighters dead on both sides and raised fears of more deadly violence between groups battling President Bashar Assad's troops ahead of U.N.-brokered peace talks later this month. (Al-Nusra Front Twitter page via AP, File)

The monthly income generated by al-Qaeda jihadists is “estimated at $20-40 million,” about ten times higher the $3 million that the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) makes over the same time frame, a top Russian official told reporters.

byEdwin Mora7 May 2018, 8:31 PM PDT0

The Senate Judiciary Committee's ranking member Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017, during the committee's business meeting to discuss the nomination of Attorney General-designate, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) led a group of 12 Democrat leaders in the Senate in writing an open letter to President Donald Trump on Monday urging him to keep the U.S. in the Iran deal.

byJoel B. Pollak7 May 2018, 7:52 PM PDT0

CBP AMO Drug Interdiction

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the U.S. Coast Guard announced a massive cocaine seizure following weeks of surveillance in international waters.

byPenny Starr7 May 2018, 7:35 PM PDT0

Hezbollah fighters take an oath during a parade to continue the path of resistance towards Israel.

Lebanon held elections for its parliament on Sunday for the first time since 2009. Not unexpectedly, Hezbollah was the big winner.

byJoel B. Pollak7 May 2018, 6:38 PM PDT0

The trial of American pastor Andrew Brunson on charges of terror links and spying -- which he rejects -- resumed Monday under heavy security in the Turkish town of Aliaga

The resumption of the trail in a Turkish Court on Monday where an American pastor faces 35 years in prison for his alleged ties to terrorism ended after one day, with the judge dismissing all of the witness testimony in support of Andrew Brunson and left him behind bars until the next hearing in July.

byPenny Starr7 May 2018, 6:16 PM PDT0

FILE - In this Oct. 2, 2017 file photo, Pakistani Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal talks to journalists outside the accountability court, in Islamabad, Pakistan. Pakistani officials said Sunday, May 6, 2018, that a gunman opened fire on Iqbal after a public meeting, wounding him in shoulder. (AP Photo/Anjum Naveed, File)

Pakistani Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal was shot and wounded on Sunday in what appears to be an assassination attempt by a member of a recently formed hardline Islamist party.

byBen Kew7 May 2018, 5:54 PM PDT0

Taiwanese Navy

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), a close ally of the president and member of the Armed Services and Intelligence Committees, said Tuesday that American companies should not give in to Chinese bullying.

byKristina Wong7 May 2018, 5:50 PM PDT0

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, left, and South Korean President Moon Jae-in raise their hands after signing on a joint statement at the border village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone, South Korea, Friday, April 27, 2018. (Korea Summit Press Pool via AP)

North Koreas Foreign Ministry reportedly accused U.S. President Donald Trumps administration of engaging in a “dangerous attempt” to ruin the mood of the prospective Korean detente with “misleading” claims that it is the main driver behind the potential denuclearization of the peninsula. North Korea argues that dictator Kim Jong-un is the sole force pushing the regime to the negotiating table.

byEdwin Mora7 May 2018, 5:33 PM PDT0

Hassan Rouhani

The United States will suffer “historic regret” if it pulls out of the controversial nuclear agreement reached between U.S.-led world powers and Tehran back in July 2015, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reportedly cautioned over the weekend.

byEdwin Mora7 May 2018, 3:51 PM PDT0

Australia sends asylum-seekers who try to enter the country by boat to processing facilities on Nauru and on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island, but conditions in the camps have been widely criticised

Australian Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton sees an uncertain future for many of the 1,305 refugees currently warehoused in Papua New Guinea and the island of Nauru. “We continue to talk to third countries, but let me tell you, there are very few prospects, if any, on the horizon,” he said on Monday.

byJohn Hayward7 May 2018, 3:26 PM PDT0

Yemenis check the presidential office building in the rebel-held capital Sanaa on May 7, 2018 after it was hit by air strikes that reportedly killed six people and wounded 30

The occupation of historic Socotra archipelago by forces of the United Arab Emirates was denounced on Monday as an “unjustified” attack on “national sovereignty.”

byJohn Hayward7 May 2018, 3:20 PM PDT0

Trump, Iran Deal,

The president faces an upcoming May 12 deadline to rectify whether Iran is complying with the deal, and whether or not to renew a 120-day waiver of the sanctions.

byCharlie Spiering7 May 2018, 1:09 PM PDT0


JERUSALEM — Irans increasing international isolation combined with recent airstrikes targeting Iranian bases in Syria, the growing frustration of the Iranian people over economic woes, and the Mossads “astonishing” seizure of Tehrans secret nuclear archive have worked to demonstrate that the Iranian regime “is not that all powerful after all,” contended Breitbart Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein.

byBreitbart Jerusalem7 May 2018, 12:21 PM PDT0

New York magazines Margaret Hartmann delves deeper into a growing ethics scandal involving President Trumps Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and her shipping mogul father, James Chao, whose business relies heavily on partnerships with Chinas communist regime.

byRebecca Mansour7 May 2018, 11:14 AM PDT0

US Embassy sign (Jerusalem Municipality)

The Jerusalem municipality has proudly mounted the first street signs pointing the way toward the U.S. embassy, which is set to open one week from today, on the 70th secular anniversary of Israels independence on May 14.

byJoel B. Pollak7 May 2018, 11:03 AM PDT0

President Trumps Depart of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Elaine Chao has come under ethical scrutiny for appearing with her shipping mogul father in numerous Chinese media interviews, including at least one that appears to have been conducted at the DOT and prominently features the DOT flag in the background.

byRebecca Mansour7 May 2018, 10:47 AM PDT0

Venezuela's opposition says President Nicolas Maduro (pictured) has prepared a rigged snap election to deliver him a new mandate and tighten his hold over his economically devastated country

In the latest extraordinary outburst, Nicolás Maduros socialist regime slammed the “supremacist policies” and ongoing hostility by the “regime of Donald Trump.”

byBen Kew7 May 2018, 10:42 AM PDT0

In this April 26, 2018, photo, a robot entertains visitors at the booth of a Chinese automaker during the China Auto 2018 show in Beijing, China. Under President Xi Jinping, a program known as "Made in China 2025" aims to make China a tech superpower by advancing development of industries that in addition to semiconductors includes artificial intelligence, pharmaceuticals and electric vehicles. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

In an op-ed published by the Washington Post last week, law professor Feng Xiang of Tsinghua University predicted that artificial intelligence technology will usher in the final triumph of socialism and the “end of capitalism.” The essay offers valuable insights into the ideological war China will wage against the United States in the coming decades, arguing that its system of authoritarian central planning is economically, socially, and morally superior to free-market capitalism.

byJohn Hayward7 May 2018, 10:23 AM PDT0

Pakistani Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal had been attending the meeting in his constituency in Punjab's Narowal district when he was shot in the right arm

Contents: Pakistans interior minister shot by member of loony anti-blasphemy Barelvi sect; Barelvi sect and Tehreek-e-Labaik political party surge in popularity

byJohn J. Xenakis7 May 2018, 9:34 AM PDT0

US Secretary of State John Kerry (L) takes part in a bilateral meeting with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius (R) on the sideline of the COP 21 United Nations conference on climate change at Le Bourget, on the outskirts of Paris, on December 9, 2015. / AFP / POOL / MANDEL NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump criticized former Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday in response to a report detailing his lobbying efforts to save the Iran deal

byCharlie Spiering7 May 2018, 8:12 AM PDT0

The chief commander of Irans Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said Tuesday that Iran does not need to extend its range of missiles because they already reach far enough to strike American forces deployed in the Middle East if the Islamic Republic experiences aggression from the U.S.

Iran is planning to retaliate for recent deadly airstrikes in Syria attributed to the Jewish state by having its proxies fire missiles at military targets in northern Israel sometime in the near future, defense officials warned on Sunday.

byBreitbart Jerusalem7 May 2018, 8:02 AM PDT0

Demis Maryannakis/STAR MAX/IPx 10/27/15 Chele Chiavacci-Farley at The Alzheimer's Association 32nd Annual Rita Hayworth Gala at Cirpriani 42nd Street. (NYC)

JERUSALEM — President Donald Trump should bolt the nuclear agreement with Iran, while lawmakers who supported the Iran nuclear deal “should be held accountable,” stated New York Republican Senatorial Candidate Chele Farley.

byAaron Klein7 May 2018, 7:55 AM PDT0

President Donald Trump and Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari walk from the Oval Office before a news conference in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, Monday, April 30, 2018.(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

President Donald Trump continued questioning the ongoing Russia investigation of his campaign by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

byCharlie Spiering7 May 2018, 5:53 AM PDT0

In this photo released by the Jerusalem Municipality, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat poses with a new road sign to the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, Monday, May 7, 2018. Jerusalem's city hall says it has put up road signs pointing to the new U.S. Embassy, which is set to move to the contested city next week. Barkat placed the first signs on Monday in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood where the embassy is to be located(Jerusalem Municipality via AP)

JERUSALEM – Workmen on Monday put up street signs to the US embassy due to open in Jerusalem on May 14, a move hailed as historic by Israel.

byBreitbart Jerusalem7 May 2018, 3:47 AM PDT0

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan suprised many observers by moving forward the date of Turkey's elections to June this year

If the United States approves a proposed law that would halt weapons sales to Turkey, the nation will retaliate, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Sunday.

byBreitbart Jerusalem7 May 2018, 1:21 AM PDT0

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani delivers a speech in Tehran on February 11, 2018

The Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, on Sunday denounced “Zionist propaganda” and the “vicious Zionist regime” in an angry speech warning the US that it would “soon regret” any decision by President Donald Trump later this month to terminate the sanctions waivers on Iran enabled by the July 2015 nuclear deal.

byBreitbart Jerusalem7 May 2018, 1:03 AM PDT0

FILE - In this April 18, 2017, file photo, conference workers speak in front of a demo booth at Facebook's annual F8 developer conference, in San Jose, Calif. One of the congressional committees investigating Russias interference in the 2016 election has invited the tech giants Facebook, Twitter and the parent company of Google to appear for a public hearing on Nov. 1. (AP Photo/Noah Berger, File)

Israels Foreign Ministry on Sunday launched a Facebook page uniquely dedicated to fostering ties with Iraq.

byBreitbart Jerusalem7 May 2018, 12:40 AM PDT0


Hezbollah was poised to seal its dominance of Lebanon Monday with results for the decades first general election expected to confirm the Iran-backed party as the main winner.

byBreitbart Jerusalem7 May 2018, 12:24 AM PDT0

Ursula Haverbeck

BERLIN — A Holocaust survivors group is urging German authorities to intensify their search for a notorious neo-Nazi who did not show up for her prison sentence.

byBreitbart Jerusalem7 May 2018, 12:12 AM PDT0

Women react as inhabitants of the mainly Muslim PK5 neighbourhood demonstrate in front of the headquarters of MINUSCA, the UN peacekeeping mission in the Central Africa Republic, in Bangui, on April 11, 2018. A United Nations peacekeeper was killed and eight others wounded April 10 in clashes with armed groups in a restive neighbourhood of the capital of the Central African Republic, a security source said. Peacekeepers from the UN's Minusca force and Central African soldiers have since April 8 been locked in an operation to rout armed groups in Bangui's mainly Muslim PK5 neighbourhood. / AFP PHOTO / FLORENT VERGNES (Photo credit should read FLORENT VERGNES/AFP/Getty Images)

Contents: Muslim vs Catholic violence surges again in CAR capital city Bangui; Angry protesters bring corpses to MINUSCA headquarters in Bangui; The self-defense group The Force gets revenge; Central African Republic crisis civil war continues

byJohn J. Xenakis6 May 2018, 7:29 PM PDT0

Civil rights leader Tamika Mallory, right, with her god-mother Hazel Dukes, left, NAACP New York State Conference president, prepare to hold a press conference, Tuesday Oct. 17, 2017, in New York. Mallory, who helped organize the Women's March on Washington, has accused an American Airlines pilot of racial discrimination in kicking her off a flight. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

TEL AVIV – The Womens March leader who was lambasted for supporting virulently antisemitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan was in Israel on a tour last week with the George Soros-funded Center for Constitutional Rights.

byDeborah Danan6 May 2018, 4:06 PM PDT0

White House Economic advisor Larry Kudlow reacted to the stock market jitters following Chinas decision to levy tariffs on American products in response to President Donald Trumps tough actions on China.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Taiwan on Sunday thanked the White House for standing up to China, after Beijing recently threatened U.S. airlines to change the way they listed Taiwan on their websites.

byKristina Wong6 May 2018, 6:48 AM PDT0

Afghan security forces stand guard near the site of a suicide attack in Jalalabad on November 23, 2017. A suicide bomber struck at a crowd of people in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar on November 23 killing at least eight, officials said, in an attack that underscored worsening security. The bomber approached the crowd of dozens on foot in provincial capital Jalalabad as they were demonstrating in support of a local police commander who had been sacked and calling for his reinstatement, provincial spokesman Attaullah Khogyani said. / AFP PHOTO / Noorullah SHIRZADA (Photo credit should read NOORULLAH SHIRZADA/AFP/Getty Images)

KABUL, Afghanistan — A bomb blast inside a mosque in eastern Afghanistan that was being used as a voter registration center killed at least 12 people and wounded 33, officials said.

byBreitbart Jerusalem6 May 2018, 6:40 AM PDT0

Vatican Swiss Guard

The oldest and smallest standing army in the world, the Vatican Swiss Guard, is getting a partial wardrobe makeover, with new 3D-printed PVC helmets to replace their traditional metal headgear.

byThomas D. Williams, Ph.D.6 May 2018, 6:09 AM PDT0


Israeli military aircraft struck a Hamas site in the northern Gaza Strip used as a launching pad for incendiary kites Saturday night, the military said Sunday.

byBreitbart Jerusalem6 May 2018, 4:57 AM PDT0

israeli man attacked

TEL AVIV – Footage of Palestinian protesters faking injuries and using children as human shields in border riots was released by the IDF Saturday night.

byDeborah Danan6 May 2018, 4:48 AM PDT0

TEL AVIV – A video of 50 IDF soldiers in uniform singing a well-known love song in Persian has gone viral on Iranian social media.

byDeborah Danan6 May 2018, 4:45 AM PDT0

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 10: Members of the U.N. Security Council vote on the third draft resolution to create a new inquiry to find blame for the chemical weapons attack last week in Douma, Syria during a United Nations Security Council meeting regarding the situation in Syria, April 10, 2018 in New York City. All three resolutions failed to pass. On Tuesday, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons announced their inspectors will travel to the rebel-held town of Douma, Syria to investigate reports of a chemical weapons attack that killed as a many as 60 people and injured hundreds. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

BERLIN — Germany has said it will stand up for Israels interests and security if it wins a non-permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council.

byBreitbart Jerusalem6 May 2018, 2:14 AM PDT0

Iran's president Hassan Rouhani gives a speech in the city of Tabriz in the northwestern East-Azerbaijan province on April 25, 2018, during an event commemorating the city as the 2018 capital of Islamic tourism

Irans president is warning President Donald Trump that pulling America out of the nuclear deal with world powers would be a “historic regret.”

byBreitbart Jerusalem6 May 2018, 2:05 AM PDT0

A Palestinian protester hurls stones towards Israeli border police officers during clashes in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, Saturday, March 31, 2018. Israel's chief military spokesman says if violence drags on along the Gaza border, Israel will expand its reaction to strike the militants behind it. (AP Photo/Nasser Shiyoukhi)

Dozens of Palestinians broke into the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom border crossing between Israel and the Hamas-run Strip on Friday evening, setting fire to the gas pipeline that supplies fuel to the Strip, the army said.

byBreitbart Jerusalem6 May 2018, 1:40 AM PDT0


Over 20,000 migrants have travelled to Europe by sea in the first 122 days of 2018, according to the UN Migration Agency.

byJack Montgomery6 May 2018, 1:27 AM PDT0

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