Worcestershire hospital ‘failed’ dead eight-year-old

A coroner has said not providing a blood test for an ill boy was "a failure to provide basic medical care".

Callum Cartlidge died after he suffered a cardiac arrest at home in Redditch, Worcestershire, on 3 March 2017.

He was discharged from Worcestershire Royal Hospital the previous day with a diagnosis of gastroenteritis.

Recording a narrative verdict, the assistant coroner said the eight-year-old's death could have been prevented if a blood test had been done.

Assistant coroner David Reid said while not carrying out the blood test was a "serious failing", it was not a gross failing and he could not record a verdict of neglect .

Worcestershire Coroner's Court heard if the illness had been identified on 2 March Callum would have survived.

He had been suffering an Addisonian crisis, linked to undiagnosed Addison's Disease.

A medical expert told the inquest the test would have identified Callum's rare disease.

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