Best thing weve read in the Mail for a long time after reporters private thoughts go public

Youd need a heart of stone – wouldnt you? – not to feel some degree of sympathy for the Daily Mail reporter whose musings on a Google document accidentally ended up in Mail Online.

Refreshing honesty from the Daily Mail this morning

— Emily Baker (@emlybkr) April 15, 2018

The reporter was said to be mortified after her comments about reality TV contestantson an Aussie TV show, Bachelor in Paradise, went public and stayed there for several hours before they were deleted.

“Florence [Alexandra] initially rose to fame on Matty Js season of The Bachelor, before unsuccessfully trying her luck at love again in Paradise.

“But most people who were educated at a high-school level know these vapid cunts only go on the shows to find mediocre Instagram fame and make a living promoting teeth whiteners and unnecessary cosmetic procedures.”

WHOA that is fantastic

— Andrew Stafford (@staffo_sez) April 15, 2018

It was up for TWO HOURS! Sadly corrected ?

— Emily Baker (@emlybkr) April 15, 2018

Someone's last day at the DM?

— Angry Exile (@AngryExile) April 15, 2018

it is now

— (@andrewwhiteau) April 15, 2018


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