Apple to offer free replacement batteries after glitch in some MacBook Pros

Apple is to offer replacement batteries for some MacBook Pros fitted with batteries that have swollen due to a component failure.

The tech giant said on its website a "limited number" of 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops sold between October 2016 and October 2017 had been fitted with a faulty component that causes the battery to expand.

The company said the issue was not safety-related and that the batteries would be replaced free of charge.

Customers who think their device could have been affected can check on Apple's support page.

Apple came under fire over its batteries in iPhones after it was found to have been deliberately slowing them down in older models to encourage users to upgrade to the newer versions.

It apologised to customers but said deliberately slowing down the batteries was done to prolong the lifespan of its devices.

The negative press may have impacted on the company's fourth-quarter profits, which, although better than expected, revealed its unit sales were on the wane.

Shares rose over two per cent and revenue and earnings beat Wall Street forecasts, but unit sales fell and missed guidance. Apple flogged 77.3m phones during the final three months of the year compared with an expected 80m units.

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