UK wants bespoke Brexit deal with EU

Theresa May and David Davis said they would push for “a bespoke deal” with the European Union when Brexit negotiations move into Phase 2 next year.

The Cabinet on Tuesday held its first proper discussion on what kind of trade deal it wants with the EU, with Prime Minister May saying the starting points for the discussion were the speeches she gave at Lancaster House and in Florence, “which set the framework for the overall relationship that we should seek with the EU. This is a new, deep and special partnership, spanning both a new economic relationship and a new relationship on security,” according to a statement from her office.

“The PM said it was clear what the Cabinet’s objective is: a deal which secures the best possible trading terms with the EU, enables the U.K. to set rules that are right for our situation, and facilitates ambitious third country trade deals,” the statement said. “The Brexit Secretary and PM were clear that the U.K. is seeking a bespoke deal.”

May told Cabinet colleagues that “a European Economic Area model would not be right for Britain and would be democratically unsustainable, because it would mean automatically adopting all EU rules without influence or a vote.

“She also said the U.K. would also be seeking a significantly more ambitious deal than the EU’s agreement with Canada.”

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