Louvre Abu Dhabi abused migrant workers – said campaign

International Campaign to Boycott UAE said in a press statement sent to the press today, its profound frustration of the French engagement in the new Louvre Abu Dhabi. The Campaign said that the new building will tarnish and damage the reputation of the famous French Louvre museum. UAE money should not buy the values and history of humanity.

“Our campaign refuses opening bew branch for the Louvre in a country that has no respect for culture or human rights. UAE is a country with no history, traditions or values and is unqualified to host such monuments.” said the Campaign

Campaign spokesman Henry Green added that the Louvre Abu Dhabi has been built by migrant workers who had no basic rights. Some of them die during the working hours due to heat and lack of medical care.
“We call on the world tourists to boycott this building which has been stuffed with stolen antiques from Egypt, Iraq and Syria. This is shame on UAE, we call on UNESCO to immediately intervene and return those valuable pieces.” said ICBU spokesman

Earlier reports confirmed that “employers continue to withhold wages and benefits from workers, fail to reimburse recruiting fees, confiscate worker passports, and house workers in substandard accommodations. The government has also summarily deported Saadiyat workers who have gone on strike in protest at low pay after their employers contacted the police…More than five million low-paid migrant workers are employed in the United Arab Emirates” HRW
HRW reports stated about the working conditions of Louvre Abu Dhabi “All 15 workers said that their employers acted in concert with the authorities, who arbitrarily detained and deported scores of workers.

Two workers on the NYU site described how police officers mistreated them in interrogations where they were asked to name the protest leaders”

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