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‘Russia Destined by the Heavens To Feed the Whole Planet’ – Prime Minister on Russia’s Ag Boom

Russia seeks to expand its agricultural exports, ultimately seeking to feed the whole planet, Prime ..


Trump grants EU extra month of relief from steel tariffs

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has decided to extend by one month a temporary exemption from st..


The best of the New Statesman 2018: Society

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India in no rush to do a trade deal with post-Brexit Britain

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Ernesto Echeverri, Marketer at LATAM Airlines, Explains Why Airlines Scramble to Keep Up as Google Flights Disrupts Online Ticket Sales

What: Google Flights, with its dominant search engine positioning, has turned the competition for on..


Will the next iPhone charge wirelessly?

Happy 10th birthday, iPhone You may never have to plug in your iPhone again. Apple has joined an i..


Brexiteers fear price rises, not return of Irish border

LONDON — Few things are likely to change the minds of the British public on Brexit — and the Irish b..


‘It’s unique’: The Swedish view as Brexit talks move to the next stage

EU leaders agreed in the early hours of Thursday to allow Britain to stay as a member state until Oc..


Assanges embassy stay looks set to end with an extradition flight in the wrong direction

The end of Julian Assanges lengthy stay in the Ecuadorian embassy on Thursday morning looks set to e..


The £5 fuss: Now even the vegans are gunning for Carney

Mark Carney has had a pretty tumultuous year. His critics have lined up to attack him for politicisi..