Nigel Farage to “return to frontline politics” and these 17 reactions will make your day

With Brexit progress in an undeniable stall and increasing support for a referendum on the final deal, many Leave supporters are becoming jittery, not least, Nigel Farage – arguably the poster boy for Brexit. With that in mind, a number of them are to embark on the campaign trail once more, to renew support for leaving the EU.

I pledge my absolute and total support to Leave Means Leave and will go back on the road to campaign.

Over the last few months, scores of people have stopped me in the street to ask: “When are you coming back?”

Well now you have your answer: Im back.

— Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) August 17, 2018

He described this move as a return to “frontline politics”. As always, the internet has reacted strongly to the MEPs words.


Every lie you make
Every law you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
We'll be watching you.

The Police#PeoplesVote

— BLEU Ferret #FBPE (@Ferretgrove) August 18, 2018


Farage should take the same approach to political campaigning as he took to military cadet camps when he was at school: march around small rural communities singing Hitler Youth songs at the top of his voice. At least it would be honest.

— John Lubbock ?? (@jwsal) August 19, 2018


Great. I look forward to debunking your promises and statements with ease.

— Dr Benjamin Janaway (@drjanaway) August 18, 2018


Back to make promises I cant deliver and for which I won't accept responsibility. Meanwhile I won't be turning up to do my job as an MEP.

— Brian Moore (@brianmoore666) August 18, 2018


Some absolutely terrible people have a lot of money invested in Brexit happening so they can scavenge on the scraps afterwards. Watching their bet fail and see them descend into financial ruin is one of the best reasons to call the whole thing off.

— David Whitley (@mrdavidwhitley) August 18, 2018


Strap yourself in, hold on tight and mentally prepare yourself for the most piss-boilingly awful nostalgic comeback since leprosy.

— Graham Lithgow (@grahamlithgow) August 17, 2018


As Nigel Farage says he is returning to frontline politics I would like to announce that I am returning to NASA as I have never been a part of that too and whilst can talk utter shit about it have no fucking idea how it works

— TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon) August 18, 2018


Farage is coming back to frontline politics and so Id like to announce Im coming back fo frontline competitive hula hooping

— Craig Deeley ???️‍? (@craiguito) August 19, 2018

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