Anti-Brexit campaigns fuel uncertainty and must stop: trade association

Campaigns to fundamentally change the government's position on Brexit are fuelling further uncertainty for businesses and must stop,

The chief executive of the UK Chamber of Shipping, which represents more than 180 members in the maritime sector, said while Brexit itself had already caused uncertainty for business, fighting to reverse the result was making matters worse.

Guy Platten said: "Every time we see some progress in negotiations, and every time we see further evidence that British business is beginning to adapt, along come renewed demands from political campaigners to try to drag us back to square one.

“Political campaigners are entitled to say what they like, but we should be clear that those demanding yet another referendum – or indeed any other fundamental change to the government's position – are only causing further uncertainty. They should stop.

“There are risks and rewards to both staying in the EU and leaving the EU. But the referendum was two years ago and frankly we should have moved on by now," he added, noting that "every day that we spend fighting old battles is a day we are not spending finding real solutions.”

It comes ahead of a Commons debate on whether the UK should remain in the customs union after Brexit, amid renewed pressure on the government to stay, and as Brexit minister David Davis admitted to MPs that Brexit day could be pushed back.

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