John Major: MPs should be able to vote for a second Brexit referendum

Former Prime Minister John Major has called for MPs to have a final say on Brexit, which could send voters back to the polls.

Speaking at Somerset House today, Major said the terms of the parliamentary vote should have the power to send negotiators back to the table or order another referendum.

"It is already agreed that Parliament must pass legislation giving effect to the deal," he said. "A 'meaningful vote' has been promised. This must be a decisive vote, in which Parliament can accept or reject the final outcome; or send the negotiators back to seek improvements; or order a referendum."

"That is what Parliamentary sovereignty means," he added.

MPs should also be allowed to vote freely rather than being whipped to opt for a particular stance, he told an audience including members of the Creative Industries Federation and Tech London Advocates.

Major said this was the best way to heal rifts in society.

"If it is whipped through Parliament, when the public are so divided, voters will know who to blame if they end up poorer and weaker. So, both democracy and prudence suggest a free vote."

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