Find out if your car is at risk of an airbag explosion

The Federal Government has announced the compulsory recall of vehicles fitted with defective Takata airbags.

That will affect 2.7 million Australian cars.

External Link: An airbag inflator exploding in a test lab

The consumer body Choice calls these airbags "ticking time bombs": they have been linked to 20 deaths around the world.

The ACCC recommends you do not drive your vehicle if you have the particularly dangerous Alpha airbag, contact the manufacturer and they will come to you.

Below is the current list of almost 90 affected cars and motorcycles across 14 brands.

Check these popular models:

Scroll down to see the full list.

More makes and models are expected to be added later, with manufacturers given a deadline of April 3 to identify faulty vehicles.

While it is not known yet what the additional models will be, the makes include Ford, GM Holden, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda.

If you think your car could be one of those recalled, Product Safety Australia recommends:

List current as of 10:30am on February 28, 2018.


Make & model Year
BMW 3 Series E46 ALPHA 12/2001 – 03/2003
BMW 3 Series E46 9/1999 – 8/2006
BMW 5 Series E39, 3 Series E46, X5 E53 2002-2005
BMW 5 series E39, 3 Series E46, X5 E53 2000-2004
BMW E70 X5, E71 X6 2007-2012
BMW E70 X5, E71 X6 2007-2012
BMW E70 X5 & E71 X6 2013


Make & model Year
Chrysler 300(LE/LX) 2005-2012
Chrysler 300, 300C 2005-2010
Chrysler 300, 300C 2013


Make & model Year
Dodge RAM 2004-2010


Make & model Year
Ferrari 458, California, FF 2008-2011


Make & model Year
Ford Mustang 2006-2014


Make & model Year
Honda Accord, CR-V ALPHA 2001-2002
Honda Civic ALPHA 2001
Honda Accord ALPHA 2001-2002
Honda Civic, Accord, Accord Euro, CR-V, Jazz, MDX ALPHA 2001-2003
Honda Jazz ALPHA 2004
Honda Accord Euro, Civic Hybrid, CR-V, Civic, Jazz 2003-2004
Honda Accord Euro, CR-V, Civic, Jazz, City 2002-2009
Honda Jazz, CR-V 2005-2007
Honda MDX, Accord 2001-2007
Honda City, CR-V, Insight, Jazz, Jazz Hybrid 2006-2012
Honda City, CR-V, Insight, Jazz, Jazz Hybrid 2011-2014
Honda Civic, Legend, Jazz Hybrid 2006-2012
Honda Accord Euro, City, CR-V, Jazz, Insight 2007-2011
Honda Legend, Odyssey, Accord, MDX 2003-2011
Honda Civic, Accord 2006-2011
Honda Accord Euro, City, Jazz & Insight 2012
Honda Legend 2012
Honda Accord 2012
Honda Civic 2001
Honda Jazz, Jazz Hybrid, Insight and Accord Euro 2013


Make & model Year
Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2012
Jeep Wrangler 2013


Make & model Year
Lexus SC430 2000-2003
Lexus IS 250, IS 250C, 350, IS F 2005-2011
Lexus IS 250, IS 350, IS 250C, IS-F, LFA 2011-2012
Lexus IS250, IS250C, IS350 & IS-F 2013


Make & model Year
Mazda2 (DE) 2010
Mazda2 2007-2015
Mazda RX-8 2008-2012
Mazda6, BT-50 2005-2011
Mazda6, RX-8 ALPHA 2002-2007
Mazda B2500 & B2600 2002-2011
Mazda6, CX-7 & CX-9 2006-2012


Make & model Year
Mitsubishi GA & GB i-MiEV 2010-2011
Mitsubishi Lancer 2003-2008
Mitsubishi ML & MN Triton 2007-2014
Mitsubishi Pajero NS, NT, NW, NX 2007-2016
Mitsubishi Pajero NS & NT 2006-2009
Mitsubishi Pajero NT & NW 2010-2012
Mitsubishi Pajero NW & NX 2013-2017


Make & model Year
Nissan N16 Pulsar, Y61 Patrol 2001
Nissan N16 Pulsar, Y61 Patrol 2001
Nissan N16 Pulsar, Y61 Patrol, D22 Navara, T30 X-Trail ALPHA 2000-2004
Nissan N16 Pulsar, D22 Navara, Y61 Patrol, T30 X-Trail, A33 maxima ALPHA 2001-2003
Nissan N16 Pulsar, D22 Navara, Y61 Patrol, T30 X-Trail, J31 maxima 2003
Nissan N16 Pulsar, D22 Navara, Y61 Patrol, T30 X-Trail, J31 maxima 2004-2007
Nissan D22 Navara, T30 X-Trail, J31 Maxima, Y61 Patrol 2007-2008
Nissan D22 Navara, Y61 Patrol 2009-2012
Nissan D40 Navara 2008-2014
Nissan D40 Navara 2006-2015
Nissan Tiida 2006-2012
Nissan C11 Tiida 2006-2012


Make & model Year
Peformax Silverado, Sierra, Mustang 2007-2008


Make & model Year
Subaru Impreza 2004-2007
Subaru Tribeca, Liberty, Outback 2004-2013
Subaru Impreza, Forester 2008-2013
Subaru Exiga 2010-2014
Subaru Liberty & Outback 2010-2014


Make & model Year
Toyota Corolla, Avensis Verso, Lexus SC430 ALPHA 2000-2004
Toyota Echo, Rav 4 ALPHA 2002-2003
Toyota Echo, Rav 4 2003-2005
Toyota Corolla, Avensis Verso, Yaris 2003-2007
Toyota Avensis Verso, Yaris 2007-2008
Toyota Corolla, Yaris, Avensis Verso 2006-2011
Toyota Corolla 2003-2005
Toyota Corolla, Yaris & Rukus 2010-2012
Toyota Echo, Rav 4 2002-2003


Make & model Year
American Honda Motor GL1800
Honda GL1800 Goldwing 2012-2015
Honda GL1800 Goldwing 2012-2015

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