Mysterious UFO ‘intruder’ evaded F-15 fighter jets and disappeared without a trace

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Mysterious UFO 'intruder' evaded F-15 fighter jets and disappeared without a trace
Pilots were unable to find the strange white plane

A mysterious UFO spotted over Oregon last year managed to evade F-15 fighter jets sent to intercept it.

That’s the revelation contained in audio tapes obtained by The Drive, which tell the story of a remarkable encounter which took place last year.

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On October 25, 2017, a strange white plane was spotted at 4:30 pm travelling ‘very fast at 37,000 feet’ over Crater Lake towards the Willamette Valley.

It was first glimpsed by an air traffic controller at Oakland Center Sector 31, who said: ‘Oh, look at that thing!’

‘Yeah, it’s crazy,’ the radar operator replied.

Credit: FAA
The plane was spotted over Oregon (Credit: FAA)

Officials followed the plane on radar but could not contact it because the aircraft did not appear to have a working transponder.

A United Airlines flight later reported seeing a large white plane which had no identifying markings.

‘Hey it’s United 612. It’s just a white speck out there. We can see it, but there’s no identification on it. Just uh, that it’s there,’ the pilot said.

The traffic controller was unable to track the ‘intruder’ and said it could be in ‘stealth mode or something’.

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Even F-15 jets scrambled to intercept it were unable to find the craft.

After the plane disappeared an official at the Federal Aviation Administration’s Seattle Center said: ‘Where this guy ended up we don’t know’.

‘The fighter scramble they went out looking around a little bit but we, you know, we lost anybody having sight of the aircraft,’ they added.

‘Wow that’s weird,’ another official said.

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